About International Power PLC

International Power PLC is a newly rebranded blog that focuses solely on shipping and freight information. We come from a background of e-commerce shippers with experience moving everything from toys to equipment across the country and internationally.

What will we cover?

We aim to cover just about anything shipping/freight forwarding-related. Our goal is to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been asked in the industry, and provide information that will benefit those already in the business, and those who are just beginners.

Posting timeline and other information

Our posting timeline will be rather sporadic unfortunately. All of our team have full time jobs and are maintaining this blog as a sort of side project, which means we will be unable to give our undivided attention to it.

However, we want to create the best content on our subject out there, so we will be focusing on that rather than output volume.

While you may only get one or two articles per month from us, you can rest assured that they will be informative and provide a full scope of the topic in question.